Introducing COBRA mufflers that have been designed and tuned to fit the brand new 2017 Harley-Davidson Baggers. Each of these mufflers comes with Cobra’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and will arrive in dealerships mid-October.

The new 8-valve engine in the 2017 Baggers makes its power in a slightly different way than the previous engine, so Cobra’s mufflers are more than just lightly modified versions from Cobra’s existing portfolio of products. In fact, the updated internal constructions have been specifically designed to enable the greatest performance increases from the new 107 Milwaukee Eight engine as well as to unleash its great sound.

RACE PRO: Its look is as distinctive as its deep throaty rumble. The Race Pro’s unique black clamshell mounting bracket sets it apart from any other muffler on the market, and that look gets even better with its black thin-line tip that’s held in place with seven, 12-point zinc plated bolts. A perforated core wrapped in a proprietary fiberglass pillow creates the deepest sound available.

NH SERIES MUFFLER: The Neighbor Hater muffler is for that rider who thinks too loud is just right. And it’s more than just a loud-crowd pleaser because it also sounds so great with its deep rumble. Like the Race Pro its 4-inch round body bells out to 4.5-inches at the rear at which point the end is rolled. The perforated core exits in a trumpet bell shape that allows the V-Twin soundtrack to flow at full song.

909 TWINS: The 909 Twins 4-inch round muffler is unique on several fronts. First, the rear is finished with a rolled scalloped tip, not a simple slash cut. That rolled tip is matched with an inner core finished with the same scalloped cut. The inner tip is actually part of the constant velocity, tuned core that gives the muffler its great sound and performance. And at only $399.95 it’s a whole lot of muffler for the price.

4.5-INCH POWERFLO: With a 4.5-inch slim-line tip at its end, the PowrFlo muffler smoothly tapers to its 4-inch front. Easy installation, incredible sound and top of its class performance the PowrFlo is tough to beat. It’s 3-inch high-flow core offers superior performance while the acoustical engineering technologies allow an incredibly deep sound because of intense, class-leading resonance absorption and prevention. What that means in real terms is an unbelievable sound quality without mid-range distortion or raspy irritation.

4-INCH RPT: The 4-inch, Race Pro Tip is finished in satin black, and held in place with seven, 12-point zinc plated bolts. It delivers increased performance right off the bottom with a deeper, more aggressive exhaust note. Welded from mild steel then bathed in a multi-step chrome-plating process.DISCLAIMER: NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN CALIFORNIA ON ANY POLLUTION CONTROLLED MOTOR VEHICLE.

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Emissions Notice

The state of California considers aftermarket exhaust systems to be legal replacement parts for non-catalyst equipped motorcycles and/or if slip-on mufflers are installed downstream of the OEM catalysts.

California does not allow the use of aftermarket systems that remove original equipment catalysts, (except for racing use only) unless the Air Resources Board has issued an Executive Order for that system.

For California riders we offer Air Resources Board approved Fi2000 R ARB units. (ARB E.O. No. D-633-1). All other Fi2000 models are not legal for street use in California.