Chieftain (14-18) Indian

Detachable BA Wrap Around Rack

The large detachable wrap around rack for the Chieftain offers a new approach to packing loads on a motorcycle. These nearly 22-inch wide by 14-inch-deep racks “wrap” around the sides and back of the seat, locating the weight of the gear over the rear tire instead of hanging off the back of the bike. Both side bags can be opened without removing the rack. These racks can be used even when a passenger is in place, and even provide a hand hold for them.


• This large detachable rack wraps around the stock seat, providing a larger area for loading your gear.
• It uses Cobra’s proprietary pull release mechanism, so the rack may be installed or removed in a matter of seconds.
• Cannot be used in conjunction with the detachable backrest.
• Made in the U.S.A.
NOTE: These racks require mounting hardware 502-2100 (Chrome) or 502-2100B (Black).
NOTE: This rack will fit only bikes equipped with the Indian Rogue seats. Studded passenger seats are too large and will interfere with the inner rack tube.


2014-2021 Chieftain

2016-2021 Chieftain Dark Horse

2017-2021 Chieftain Limited

2017-2021 Chieftain Elite

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  • SKU:502-2601

    Emissions Notice

    The state of California considers aftermarket exhaust systems to be legal replacement parts for non-catalyst equipped motorcycles and/or if slip-on mufflers are installed downstream of the OEM catalysts.

    California does not allow the use of aftermarket systems that remove original equipment catalysts, (except for racing use only) unless the Air Resources Board has issued an Executive Order for that system.

    For California riders we offer Air Resources Board approved Fi2000 R ARB units. (ARB E.O. No. D-633-1). All other Fi2000 models are not legal for street use in California.